The thriller Lockdown will be released as a limited edition “Hybrid NFT”.

Billed as ” Asia’s first NFT feature film ,” Lockdown will be released as a series of five NFTs in October by producers Phoenix Waters Productions and AMM Global, along with “NFT hybrid company” Marvion Media. NFT tickets will also be available for Lockdown previews in Hong Kong and the UK, per a press release published by Marvion Media.

NFTs , or Non-Fungible Tokens, are cryptographically unique digital assets that serve as proof of ownership of associated media content, such as artwork, music, or, in this case, a movie.

The movie in question, Lockdown, was shot around the world during the 2020 pandemic and centers on an actor (played by Kevin Leslie) whose audition is derailed when the casting director (The Walking Dead’s Xander Berkeley) forces him to pass a series of tests. , threatening to kill his partners if he fails.

Block, NFT and IP

“In addition to the fact that this will be the first NFT feature film in Asia, it will be the world’s first hybrid NFT (h-NFT),” Marvion Media interim CEO Julian So said in a press release.

Hybrid NFTs, or h-NFTs, are designed to address the thorny intellectual property (IP) rights question associated with NFTs, so explained.

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“Many NFT investors with whom we have engaged are unaware that as NFT owners, they do not own the underlying intellectual property associated with the artwork within the NFT smart contract ,” he said in a press release issued by Marvion Media. . “Intellectual property actually still resides with the artist. This means that NFT owners have no right to take legal action against intellectual property violations.”

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In addition to digital content, the company’s h-NFTs contain purchase and sale agreements, proof of intellectual property, transfer deeds and title information.

Lockdown isn’t the first example of a movie being released as an NFT; Earlier this year, the documentary short film Claude Lanzmann: Specters of the Shoah became the first Oscar nominee to be released as an NFT.

And in July 2021, it was announced that Anthony Hopkins’ next film, Contact Zero , a sci-fi thriller shot during lockdown, would be released as an NFT through the blockchain-based film distribution platform Fly. Different levels of NFT Zero Contact would be packed with a variety of digital extras depending on price, producer Rick Dugdale announced to the film industry publication. Expiration That, “Creates scarcity of movie copies and protects against piracy.”

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