The Audius token has increased by more than 90% after the association with TikTok


  • AUDIO’s price doubled in less than a day after decentralized music streaming platform Audius partnered with TikTok.
  • The new feature allows Audius artists to bring their tracks to TikTok with a single click.

The price of AUDIO, the native token of decentralized music streaming service Audius, has soared by more than 90% in the wake of the platform’s integration into social media giant TikTok.

At the time of writing, AUDIO was trading at around $3.32, according to the Crypto Metrics platform. Nomics . Notably, the token’s current price is around 30% from its all-time high of $4.95, recorded on March 27.

The wave came later Audius announced a partnership with TikTok yesterday, giving its artists exposure to the social media platform’s 732 million monthly active users.

The integration makes Audius one of the first partners of the media giant SDK Audio Kit , which enables creators and artists to “seamlessly bring original sounds and music from third-party apps into the TikTok ecosystem.”

The new feature allows Audius artists to bring their tracks to TikTok so users can easily add them to their videos.

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“The workflow for uploading songs to TikTok is quite complicated nowadays. To get around this, some artists even resort to holding the phone close to the laptop speakers to re-record sound for TikTok. With the Audius integration, artists who have content on Audius can push it to TikTok with a single click,” said Roneil Rumburg, Co-Founder and CEO of Audius. decipher yesterday.

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Among the artists who have already joined Audius are famous musicians like Skrillex, Deadmau5, The Stafford Brothers, 3LAU, Alina Baraz and others. For many of them, it is not their first foray into the world of cryptocurrencies .

For example, Deadmau5 has been active in non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) in recent months. Last December it launched $100,000 worth of NFT collectibles in collaboration with the Worldwide Asset eXchange.

In another case, the artist collaborated with Mythical Games and their NFT-focused free-to-play game Blankos Block Party.

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