IX Swap Platform, a bridge between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency tokenization

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STOs are bridging the gap between the traditional money market and the new era of digital currencies by tokenizing traditional types of investments such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. Tokenizing an asset is one of the most powerful ways to express and manage an asset, where it is directly represented on the blockchain in the form of a token. This enables error-free transactions that are automatically reconciled and authenticated on the blockchain, without any human mediation. An STO, which is a security token offering, works the same way as an ICO , except that investor funds are represented through security tokens, rather than traditional cryptocurrency.

The world’s first provider of liquidity pools and DeFi AMM

One platform, IX Exchange (IXS) is betting on the potential of security tokens, which is why it has fully dedicated itself to developing a purpose- built DeFi STO platform, where users can trade and invest tokenized stocks, as well as wheelbarrows, loans and markets. with huge potential benefits.

Lending and borrowing on the blockchain is unlike anything investors have ever engaged in before. It offers unprecedented opportunities for the pursuit of high returns and passive income. In order to borrow, customers do not need to sit down in front of a borrower or even sign something, as blockchain offers them a trusted approach to making such transactions while smart contracts are implemented .

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IX Swap is an AMM , automated market maker and liquidity pool platform for STOs and TSOs, and has the primary goal of bringing deep liquidity to this field. The liquidity pools that IX Swap will run include one for custodial activities (where a third-party custodian oversees the process) and one for non-custodial activities (where users can stake their tokens to enjoy a percentage of the fees).

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IX Exchange offers loss insurance for users, who carry 8% of funds, 5% of trading commissions and 50% of penalties going to the insurance fund. The entire protocol has the native IXS token inside it. It is distributed to users for rewards and loyalty and also has its own pools as well as being the payment token for the InvestaX CEX platform.

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